High time for biodiversity!

High time for biodiversity!

High time for biodiversity!

High time for biodiversity

Did you know that 5% of all species of flora and fauna in the world live and grow in Costa Rica? Also, Costa Rica is in the global top 20 countries with the greatest biodiversity! Are you a real nature lover? Then put Costa Rica on your bucket list. But… before you pull your backpack and passport out of the  closet, we want to give you a lesson about biodiversity. Maybe you have what it is, but to refresh your memory we’ll explain it to you in this blog.

What is biodiversity?

The name says it all, biodiversity is about the diversity of biology. It is, in short, the variety of life in a given area. An area as small as a drop of water or as large as a forest or the earth as a whole. The diversity of species of animals, plants, microorganisms, that’s biodiversity. So it’s about having many different animals, plants and microorganisms in an area to increase biodiversity. Did you know that variation within species and interactions within different ecosystems are also important?

”Healthy biodiversity is seen in meadows with butterflies and flowers and oceans full of fish and coral’

Biodiversity is very important

Did you know that biodiversity is directly or indirectly linked to what we eat? Just imagine, your apple in the fruit basket was first a seed that had to grow in healthy soil with sufficient nutrients to grow big. To eventually harvest an apple, insects are needed to pollinate the flowers of the apple tree. Thus, it is essential that the apple tree has a good biodiversity, such as healthy fertile soil, insects and microorganisms.
In addition to providing food for us as humans, biodiversity has an economic value, for tourism, for example. About 40% of our world economy depends on it. Increasing biodiversity has been the talk of the town for some time now and for good reason: the richer the biodiversity, the greater the opportunity for economic development and adaptation to climate change. And finally, rich biodiversity makes you more productive, makes you feel better, and helps you ground and relax.

Biodiversity in Costa Rica

You just learned that 5% of all biodiversity lives In Costa Rica, but do you know how much? There we go: Costa Rica is home to some 400 species of reptiles and amphibians, 250 mammals (including 10% of the entire bat population worldwide), 900 species of birds and many species of insects: about 250,000.
Also, a quarter of the known butterfly species live in this bio diverse country. Did you know that Costa Rica has given some 25% of its land area a protected status? That’s why you’ll find so many nature reserves and national parks there. At the reserve of Adopteer regenwoud in Costa Rica, 140 hectares of rainforest are already protected, with a rich biodiversity! For €2.50 you can buy one square of rainforest and protect it for years. You want to help too, right? Adopt your piece of rainforest here!