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Get to know the companies and partners who support us on our mission.

We are doing this together

Various partners have linked their company or organization as Amigo to our foundation. Everyone has his or her own story or motivation to support the protection of the rainforest. These partners are crucial in achieving our goal, which is why we like to name them.

Wijs fysiotherapie en Gym

We are Wijs, a physiotherapy practice and gym located in Amsterdam West. Our goal is: to give people a better awareness of their bodies. So that they can then make responsible choices for both body and mind. Our way: offering personal treatments, 1 on 1 training, small group training and providing nutritional advice.

Our social impact is central to the work we do. Therefore we find it important that not only our clients benefit from this. Adopt Rainforest is the perfect match. From each treatment we donate a fixed amount to the rainforest. With green as the main colour, and our training and treatment rooms full of plants, things can’t go wrong.

Casa Botanica

With Casa Botanica, Angela has been able to turn her passion into her work. Casa Botanica introduces people to the most extraordinary houseplants, most of which have their origins in the nature of South America and Asia. Casa Botanica is well disposed towards nature and likes to dedicate itself to the preservation of the rainforest. Through Adopt the Rainforest, we contribute to this! For every order in the web shop, Casa Botanica donates an amount to protect the tropical rainforest in Costa Rica.


Plantenbox is an initiative of Joost and Freek Jansen, the proud owners of Plantanious. Nature in Costa Rica, education and local involvement appeals to us enormously in Adopt Rainforest. We also work together with nature. The Plantenbox is a real green gift for consumers and businesses. There are different themes available, for every occasion there is an idea. The Plantenbox is green, surprising and custom made to order. Some of our plants are also grown in Costa Rica. We donate an amount of every Plant Box sold to protect the tropical rainforest. Converted, this is a piece of rainforest the size of 30 cm2 equal to the surface area of the top of the box! This way we can also contribute to welcome the jaguar in a safe habitat!


DeWit® is a family business that has been producing forged tools for 5 generations. Today a modern metalworking company, started in 1898 by Willem de Wit as a village blacksmith in the Groningen village of Kornhorn.

Nederland C02 Neutraal

The Nederland CO2 Neutral Foundation aims to encourage and support companies and organizations to grow into a climate-neutral company. “The best CO2 reduction initiative in the Netherlands” is our slogan! The only way to ensure that companies actually get started with CO2 reduction is to make it fun. Inspiration and energy are two words that fit our initiative. Our goal is to have the participants of our initiative go home with a huge amount of energy and inspiration to get started with CO2 reduction.”


It’s possible: do a world expedition in one day. In WILDLANDS, you travel through the jungle, the savanna and the polar region. As a true adventurer you will discover new worlds, you will come face to face with wild animals and you will experience exciting adventures. In WILDLANDS, we have a heart for animals and nature. Sustainability is in our genes and nature itself is our source of inspiration. For example, we visited Costa Rica for inspiration for Rimbula, the largest tropical greenhouse in Europe. In Rimbula we introduce our guests in the Netherlands to the tropical rainforest and its inhabitants. It is very important to us that our adventurous, unforgettable, enriching wild world is preserved! That is why we have partnered with Adopt Rainforest to conserve the tropical rainforest in Costa Rica.

CUBE Homes

Designs and builds high-quality homes entirely of wood. Sustainability is paramount without losing sight of functionality. To compensate for the wood we use to build our homes, we looked for ways to give something back. Through adoptrainforest.com we have found a perfect partner here. We adopt a piece of rainforest for every home we build.


Discover awesome glamorous camping destinations and share them with the world. That’s what Glampings prefers to do. Our team is always looking for unforgettable nights, special locations and inspiring hosts. At Glampings you will discover the largest selection of glamping accommodations in Europe. With more than 750+ special places to sleep, Glampings is the largest online platform in the Benelux focused on luxury camping. For example, choose an adventurous tree house in the middle of nature or a luxury lodge tent with a beautiful view. The combination of glamping and nature go hand in hand, and we are also seeing more and more unique glamping projects that introduce the guest to real outdoor life. From beautiful eco-lodges in the jungle of Costa Rica to adventurous safari tents on the Veluwe in the Netherlands .. Sven Schuurmans, the driving force behind Glampings: “I have always had a taste for the beautiful nature of Costa Rica, this is my chance to contribute a little in preserving this unique nature. In my opinion, Adopt Rainforest is a very nice foundation and I have the greatest confidence in the people behind the organization. ”


Aratinga Tours is a travel agency in Costa Rica run by enthusiastic nature lovers who specialize in offering exclusive bird, wildlife and photography tours along the most beautiful natural areas in the country. Costa Rica has an unprecedented biodiversity (more than: 900 bird species, 240 mammal species, 220 reptile species, 175 amphibian species and 12,000 plant species). The pressure on this unique fauna and flora is increasing daily, which is why Aratinga Tours has decided to support Adopt Rainforest by donating 10 euros for the purchase of rainforest for each participant in a group trip.


“Conservation of nature is crucial! Every new customer of ours contributes to extra conservation of nature. It feels good to literally give something back to the world in this way. ”


The Cross Nature Foundation is committed to protecting endangered species and their habitats. In particular, the lesser known endangered species and endangered species that receive little attention. Each animal is beautifully crafted by its nature and has its own function in an ecosystem. That is why we are convinced that every kind of worth protecting. Cross Nature protects endangered species by: 

Researching lesser known endangered species 

Draw attention to lesser known endangered species 

Protect and restore habitats 

Collaborate with other conservationists 

We welcome the partnership with Adopt Rainforest and are committed to protecting the lesser known endangered species in the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica. By protecting the rainforest we contribute to the conservation of many animal species.


Engel Winkelcafé is a café and shop in one, located in the heart of Zwolle. Here you will find unique products, all with a fair background. Fair trade, recycled or handmade by, for example, people with a distance to the labor market. In the café you can enjoy honest breakfast and lunch dishes, consisting of mostly organic and local products from the season. Everything with attention to people, animals and the environment. A logical next step is supporting Work With Nature with part of the store turnover.


Our new partner Jonk Investments has corporate responsibility in its DNA. In addition to applying a sustainable working method throughout the entire business, this company has been supporting various charities in the Netherlands for some time. However, Jonk Investments would also like to provide support across the border in vulnerable areas on earth. The partnership with the Adopt Rainforest also contributes to the preservation of the beautiful rainforest in Costa Rica.


The Stadstuin is a flexible office concept that offers workspace to companies and independent entrepreneurs. The key factors are transparency, connection, sustainability and hospitality. In addition to an inspiring, shared working environment, the Stadstuin offers opportunities for holding events and networking drinks and there is a lunch café. To further offset their buildings’ emissions, they are committed to conserving the tropical rainforest in Costa Rica as of December 2017. They donate 10% of each rented surface to Adopt Rainforest for the purchase and protection of rainforest.


Nature in Stock is a photo agency for nature photography. We represent the work of around 250 domestic and foreign photographers. Nature conservation is our top priority, and we see it as our responsibility to support foundations and organizations involved in this as much as possible in their mission. We do this by, among other things, giving discounts and sponsoring. Nature in Stock supports Adopt Rainforest by donating 10% of proceeds from print sales to the foundation.”


Sunforce offers total solutions for clean energy for both individuals and companies. Ecological, economical and fully geared to the budget and situation. If you opt for a Sunforce solar power installation, you not only ensure sustainability on your own roof, but also sustainability throughout the entire chain. Sunforce offsets part of the CO2 emissions released during the production and transport of solar panels. Through our collaboration with Work with Nature, a square meter of rainforest in Costa Rica is protected per installed square meter of solar panel. This is how we make the world greener together!


A household name in Costa Rica, this foundation has been active for almost ten years in protecting giant tortoises with the help of volunteers in Costa Rica. The Board of Adopt Rainforest and La Tortuga Feliz have been supporting each other in many facets for years. For example, we share our experience in Costa Rica, help each other maintain the websites and use each other’s network with different activities. Are you looking for a special experience in Costa Rica? Check out the opportunities to volunteer at La Tortuga Feliz!

VSEE Search Marketinga

VSEE is a quirky, hands-on online marketing agency that believes in sharing knowledge. They take initiative, understand the present and are ready for the future through a continuous movement of searching, discovering and finding. An ambitious team that is always busy developing itself in order to guarantee the best solutions and to explain why this is so.

World of Walas


WouWouw Online Marketing keeps your team fully informed of the latest developments in online marketing with tailor-made in-company training and support. Website optimization, content management, Google Analytics and social media are reviewed. For Adopt Rainforest, we are happy to provide the Google Ads Grants campaign to identify as many potential donors as possible.


House of Pint is a microbrewery from the city of Utrecht. They make incredibly tasty beer, which is mainly produced in the local area. Beer is a natural product. The owners of House of Pint are also aware of the impact that brewing beer has on the environment. That is why House of Pint also wants to do something to compensate. For every beer sold, House of Pint adopts a piece of rainforest the size of a beer mat. Drinking beer, can also be a good cause!


GreenCalls has set itself the goal of making consumers and schools aware of the changing economy, which demands a conscious lifestyle and ditto mindset. In addition, they are engaged in research into the possibilities of and with industrial hemp. They sell various sustainable products through their webshop. GreenCalls has promised Work with Nature to adopt at least 48 m2 of rainforest per year, through donations from customers and in addition €0.50 per transaction.