Adopt your own piece of rainforest

It only takes €2,50 to help protect the rainforest in Costa Rica. Let’s build a better world together, one square meter at a time.

€2,50 per 1 m2

How we do it

Contributing to protecting the rainforest in Costa Rica is easier than you might think. Simply fill in the form on this page, choose your preferred payment method and you receive direct an email with the digital certificate stating your name and how many square meters you’re adopting. For every €2,50 we can buy one square meter and guarantee its protection for years to come.

TIP: Want to grow your own jungle? With a periodic adoption you can! This option has even more benefits for the forest, and for you: it comes with great gifts.

Great suggestion !

Let your rainforst grow by adopting periodically! You can then also choose from nice gifts.

Great gifts for periodic donations

If you choose to donate regularly, you’ll get to pick an additional gift: receive a high-resolution PDF from the inhabitants of your forest, a Toucan or Jaguar!

These people adopted too

Aunt Sarah

"Instead of a Christmas tree, a part of a Christmas forest"

Martín Neuteboom

‘’I want to make a difference with my business. Each year we give our partners a piece of rainforest, instead of a standard Christmas gift"


"We want to contribute to the rain forest, even if we are far away’’


"For the birth of our granddaughter we decided to adopt a piece of rainforest. We want her to live on a better planet’’