Our team

Get to know the people behind the scenes and between the trees.

Adopt Rainforest consists of passion-driven professional volunteers. In addition to the founders, there are five permanent board members, an advisory board and several ambassadors. An operations manager has been added since September 2022. To ensure the continuity of the foundation and thus its activities.

The board

The board consists of five permanent board members in the Netherlands, who meet on a regular basis.


Martin Havik


Freelancer in sustainability and active rainforest protector. Nature lover in heart and soul. Involved since 2012.


Melchior Schenk

Board member

Filled with passion for the overwhelming nature of Costa Rica. This organization is my way to protect it.


Jeroen Bos


Grew up in nature as a forester son. Now working with passion and ambition for this beautiful foundation and beautiful forest.


Jorn op den Kelder


Financial advisor with special focus on sustainability in the context of the transition to a circular economy. In the past of Costa Rica surprised by the beautiful nature during a tour.


Martín Neuteboom

Marketing & IT

With my knowledge and experience in the field of online marketing, I hope to make an impactful contribution to this meaningful project as well as enthuse as many people as possible to participate as well!

Founders Adopt Rainforest

Maarten and Matthijs are the founders of Adopt Rainforest. Both are still actively involved in the foundation. Maarten operates from Costa Rica since 2017. There he runs the research program and performs executive tasks for the Dutch foundation. Matthijs is back in the Netherlands after a great adventure in Costa Rica. As operations manager, he ensures the continuity and growth of the foundation.


Maarten van der Beek

Project manager & Founder

Biologist, heart for the rainforest and biodiversity and prefers to be outside all day. Active as founder/director from the very beginning and now the project manager in Costa Rica.


Matthijs Bol

Operational manager & Founder

Tropical forester, nature lover and idealist with a touch of realism. Fell in love with Costa Rica and initiator of this wonderful foundation.

Advisory Board

The advisory board advises the Board of the foundation on decision-making on strategic matters for the organization. The advisory board can provide both solicited and unsolicited advice and acts as a sounding board for the Board.


Patricia Rietveld

International Finance & Admin

Edwin Pos

Scientific Director Utrecht Botanic Gardens | Utrecht University

Ernest Jan Haverkamp

Member of the UWV Enforcement Directorate, Head of Business Control & Quality.

Ernest Jan Haverkamp

Lid Directie Handhaving UWV, Hoofd Business Control & Kwaliteit