Give rainforest as a present

A gift to someone else and for the planet: a greener future. You can give someone a part of the rainforest, for only €2,50 per 1 m².

€2,50 per 1 m²

How it works

Do you want to give a present with impact? Give a piece of rainforest and protect it! In the form below you can choose how many square meters you want to give, and how. The lucky receiver will get a digital certificate with her or his name, the date of adoption and all other information. For as little as €2,50, we can protect this piece of rainforest for years to come.

What are you giving:

First of all, you’re gifting the rainforest in Costa Rica protection. The recipient of the gift will get:

  • A personalized digital certificate
  • A personalized message from the sender
  • Access to the reserve in Costa Rica (exclusively for contributors and partners)
Stukje regenwoud cadeau

Protecting the future

You can start making a difference with just €2,50 for 1 m² . Help us save the planet!

  • Give a piece of rainforest as a present

  • Pay securly

    You can easily pay via:

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  • The recipient of the present

    Fill the recipient's data in so that we can send the digital certificate. This certificate will be sent immediately after payment. You can add a little message which will be send in our e-mail to the lucky recipient. If you want to give the present yourself at a later time then use your own e-mail address

    Do you want to give the present yourself? Then fill in your own e-mail address
  • DD dash MM dash YYYY
  • My data

  • Birthday

  • We take care of your personal information. See also our Privacy Policy

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