Het levende bewijs van succesvolle natuur-bescherming

Brulapen stichten een gezin in het gebied van Adopteer Regenwoud!

The living proof of successful nature conservation

The living proof of successful nature conservation

More than 11 years ago, the founders of the Adopt Rainforest foundation visited this beautiful area for the first time. What a beautiful area with giant big trees, several rivers and an enormous biodiversity of plants and animals. Yet there was something they both noticed immediately. There were no monkeys at all.

By speaking to many local people, it soon became clear where the monkeys had gone. Due to overhunting and the fragmentation of many forest plots, the monkeys had disappeared from this area. It soon became clear to the founders of the foundation that it should be one of the foundation’s goals to get the monkeys back in this disturbed area. Important primates like the howler and capuchin monkey belong in these tropical lowland rain forests. Besides being beautiful animals to see, they also play an important role in spreading seeds for various tree species.

Great news!

After more than 11 years of purchasing several pieces of rainforest, Adopt Rainforest is now protecting 224 hectares of rainforest. Besides protecting this fragile ecosystem, we actively involve the local population in this project. In this way we create more and more awareness about how important it is to protect nature. And we hope to reduce illegal logging and hunting.

The activities of the past years have led to the fact that a few years ago a howler monkey male came to live in our area for the first time. Probably a male who was rejected from a group of howler monkeys in another area. After this male spent almost two years waking up our project managers and the students present, his roaring had an effect. In fact, a female howler monkey has come over from another area. But this is not where the fantastic news ends, because last week our biologist on the ground took this photo! The female howler monkey is carrying a baby!!!

So we can proudly tell you that the first family howler monkey has settled in the area of Adopt Rainforest. And just to show you how special this is. Regularly people from the village ask if they can come and see the howler monkey. Because many people from the village have never seen monkeys.

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