Adopting rain forest for businesses

Your organization can make a difference: adopt a piece of rainforest and help us protect it.

Green businesses build the future

The time to work on a better future is now. Your organization can make a sustainable difference and compensate your CO2 impact. Adopt rainforest and discover how you can work towards your sustainability goals in a transparent and meaningful way.

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Structural support

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Be our Amigo

Structural and regular support is of great value to us. Our Amigo packages can be customized in many ways. There’s always a way for your organization to contribute. Get in touch to find out how you can help.

Amigo inspiration


  • 100-200m2 / year
  • Certificate
  • Logo usage


  • 200 -1000m2 / year
  • Certificate
  • Logo + link
  • Guided tour CR


  • 1000-4000m2 / year
  • Canvas
  • News item
  • Guided tour CR
  • Presentation

Gran Amigo

  • > 4000m 2 / year
  • Tailored partnership

Be our Amigo

Our dedicated Amigos have been helping us for years to reach our goals. They do this in many different ways:

  • A fixed monthly or annual donation
  • A fixed number of m² per service or product sold
  • Voluntary or extra CO2 compensation
  • A percentage of sales or profit
  • Sponsorship of services

Each donation can be customized. For example, in honor of their 50th anniversary, Nieuwkoop Europe sold plants with signs from our foundation for a month. A fixed percentage per sale was donated to our foundation. Feel inspired?

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Adopting rainforest is not only good for the planet, but also contributes to your organization’s image. You also help our foundation to increase our brand awareness, and thus our impact. This can be done in different ways, for example:

  • Provide a stage for the foundation for a presentation or pitch
  • Our logo in your email signature
  • Product line associated with Adopt Rainforest

Have a great idea yourself? We would love to hear it!


Amigo Especial

In addition to the packages, it’s also possible to support the foundation with services or campaigns. By sponsoring services, we can keep our expenses as low as possible so that more impact can be made in the rainforest.

A good example is Peer! Amersfoort that offers a free meeting location for the board members of the foundation.

Campaigns from your company or by your staff are also more than welcome.


One-time donation

For every € 250 we can purchase 100 m² of rainforest and provide long-term protection. For larger donations (> € 1000), we’d be more than happy to get in touch. Upon request, we can also send an invoice regarding your donation.

If you haveany questions, want to make a donation under certain conditions or, for example, wish to generate (social) media attention around your donation? Let’s talk!

You can donate directly via the button below or make a donation to:

Stichting Work with Nature
Triodos Bank: NL14TRIO0198523963


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