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2023 – The year of projects and cooperation

A word from the chairman If I may describe 2023 it in two words, I would choose ‘energizing’ and ‘demanding’. Partly because ‘positive’ and ‘growth’ actually dominate every year and this was certainly the case again in 2023. In terms of donations, 2023 was another record year. For that, of course, great thanks to everyone […]

Zoë on her wonderful experiences as a volunteer in Costa Rica

And then there you are, atop a hilltop, having a good cry. Or frantically trying not to let your fellow volunteer see how touched you are. My name is Zoë, I live near Hasselt in Belgium. I am an adult education teacher, and enthusiastic but very novice when it comes to nature. I would like to tell you about my wonderful experiences as a volunteer in the reserve of Adopt Rainforest.


Summer party full of positivity – Adopt Rainforest celebrates 12 years of success

Adopt Rainforest is celebrating its 12th anniversary. A good reason to reflect on all the milestones during the summer party we celebrated with dedicated volunteers and stakeholders on Wednesday, August 30, 2023. The gathering took place in the beautiful ambiance of Landhuis in de Stad in Utrecht, where we took the opportunity to look back at our milestones, share recent achievements and present our newest collaboration. “What a wonderful evening, the room is full of positive energy!”, said one of the attendees. An impression of a grand evening.


From dreams to reality!

From dreaming to doing!

December is also for Adopt Rainforest a great time to look back and forward. I would like to start with expressing my great gratitude to all volunteers and donors for their commitment and contribution last year! All that support is what drives the foundation. We look back on a year with fantastic developments. Several dreams of the past have become reality. I would like to share with you the biggest milestones and plans for the future. (more…)

Joining forces in Punta de Lanza

Together with Barbilla National Park and the Bajo Chirripó Indigenous Reserve, the Work with Nature reserve forms a “three-country point”. This place is known as Punta de Lanza or Lanspunt. The community consists partly of the indigenous population of Costa Rica and partly of “white people” (modern ticos). Recently, an association has been founded to achieve more together.


Adopt Rainforest reserve on Dutch television!

At the end of September a crew of Dutch television came to film at our reserve in Costa Rica! The filming is for the programme ‘De Buitendienst’, which is described by the producers as a nature programme for children from 8 to 88 years ;-). There are two episodes recorded. The first episode will be about trees and their superpowers, in which Matthijs will tell about the importance of the tropical rainforest.