Wat betekent ontbossing voor onze natuur?

Wat betekent ontbossing voor onze natuur?

What does deforestation mean for our nature?

What is deforestation anyway? This term is used to describe the process by which trees give way to agriculture and livestock. Deforestation takes place in large numbers every day, especially in the Amazon rainforest. Not a pretty thing! The consequences? Cutting down trees not only means loss of our beautiful nature and biodiversity. It has an effect on the ambient temperature: it rises. This increase is caused by burning trees and because oxygen (O2) gives way to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Trees store a lot of CO2 and this is released during deforestation. The numbers? Don’t be alarmed: around 13 million hectares of forest disappear on Earth every year, according to the FAO. To make it a little more tangible: this equals 18,207,280 football fields. Approximately 34 soccer fields per second!

Peering into the distance over our vast rainforest, this is hard to comprehend. As if the ground is literally being pulled out from under you. Yet ten years ago we were confronted with the truth. The Costa Rican Rainforest had to make way little by little for agriculture. The beastly rainforest was quietly abandoned until we managed to turn the rudder. The water turned blue again. The 3,000th tree was planted. The 300th bird was recently spotted again. And we’ve only just begun this counter-discourse! In order to understand how to stop deforestation, it is important to understand its cause.
Why does deforestation take place in such huge numbers?

Why does deforestation take place in such huge numbers?

It may sound a bit flat, but what drives people to drive this paradise into the ground? If you ask the local people, it is mainly a question of money. The world population is growing and with it the demand for food. Food simply brings in more money than rainforest. Money that is earned illegally. Deforestation is not easily tolerated by the government. In Costa Rica they are trying to do everything they can to preserve more rainforest. It is difficult to control and too often there are large-scale forest fires. Awareness is growing, also among food producers. More and more people are choosing the sustainable route. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement, especially in larger commercial companies.

There is hope behind the treetops. The end of the rainforest in Costa Rica is nowhere in sight. On the contrary! With a strong team of locals, volunteers and students, we are literally bringing life back. By increasing our rainforest area daily with the purchase of square meters and bringing it under the forest law of Costa Rica, the rainforest remains protected. Find out how we are combating deforestation in the tropical rainforest.

Joining forces in Punta de Lanza

Together with Barbilla National Park and the Bajo ChirripĆ³ Indigenous Reserve, the Work with Nature reserve forms a “three-country point”. This place is known as Punta de Lanza or Lanspunt. The community consists partly of the indigenous population of Costa Rica and partly of “white people” (modern ticos). Recently, an association has been founded to achieve more together.


How to support a good cause!

Supporting a good cause. How do you do that? There are so many charities that it is difficult to choose. To which charity do you donate money? Which charity is reliable? And where do you actually start supporting a charity? The choice is vast in the jungle of charities. If you want to support a charity, it is important that the charity suits you. Choose an organization that does things you find important. This will make donating to charity a lot easier for you. With the tips below, you can be sure that you will soon be supporting a charity in a conscious manner. (more…)