Adopt your own
piece of rainforest!

For just €2,50 you can adopt 1 m² of rainforest in Costa Rica
and help us protect the forest and its biodiversity.

Adopting a piece of rainforest: it sounds strange, but this is a serious cause. Our organization is here to fight the deforestation and decline of biodiversity in the tropics.

You can give the forest a future

Our approach focuses on protecting one of the most beautiful and special places on earth: the Costa Rican rain forest. With its incredibly high biodiversity it’s more than worth protecting. It is an essential part of our world, and of our future.

Our goal

We want to protect at least 2000 hectares of rain forest. Ultimately, we want to make it a safe haven again and have monkeys and jaguars return to the area.

This means we do more than protecting the forest and planting new trees. We also help build a better future for the locals. We educate children about the importance of the forest and conduct research. Because we know, that the better we get to know the rainforest, the better we will be able to protect it.

Discover the most important aspects of our approach:

Our main goal is to protect 2.000 hectares of rainforest.

Started with 3 hectares GOAL: 2000 hectares
275 hectares Rainforest protected!

What we have accomplished so far

Together with our contributors and partners we make all the difference in the world. Check out what we have done so far and be part of our next triumph.

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