Connection with Barbilla National Park another important step closer!

Connection with Barbilla National Park another important step closer!

Despite uncertain economic times and the impact of Corona, the Foundation has some fantastic news to report. Over the past few months, we had to pull out all the stops and negotiate hard to acquire an important piece of land. And we succeeded! We were able to expand the reserve by 65 hectares, or 650,000 square meters!

Forty hectares of this is a piece of beautiful rainforest that directly connects to the existing reserve. The 25 hectares that remain is now pasture land, but is an important connection to the Barbilla National Park. We plan to reforest these 25 hectares of meadows early next year. We will be happy to tell you more about this later.

Why is the connection with the national park so important?

Buffer Zone

Adopt Rainforest has a mission to protect 2,000 hectares of rainforest. This 2000-hectare area acts as an important buffer to both the nearby Barbilla National Park and the Cabécar Indigenous Reserve. Pressure on the rainforest is quite noticeable in this region. Deforestation is evident. From the inhabited world, it is moving further and further toward the National Park and the Indigenous Reserve. Adopt Rainforest wants to ensure that both the National Park and the Indigenous Reserve remain untouched. So that animals, such as the Jaguar, for example, can continue to exist here carefree.

Ecological connection

In addition, it is an important area because it is part of an ecological connecting zone from the North to the South of Costa Rica. As long as this important connecting zone is maintained or even expanded, plants and animals can more easily migrate from North to South without major obstacles.
The map to the right clearly shows how this ecological connecting zone runs. It is also clearly visible that the zone in the area of Adopteer Regenwoud is vulnerable. In fact, the strip here is very narrow. By purchasing and protecting more rainforest in this region, the foundation provides a wider connectivity zone which reduces the vulnerability.

Contiguous forest

It is important to the foundation that the reserve consist of a contiguous piece of forest. It wants to ensure that animals can move freely throughout the area. Animals avoid pastures to move across. This is because of the risks it poses due to little shelter. These same animals are also the ones to disperse the seeds of trees and plants. Almost all seed dispersal in the rainforest is done by animals. So the foundation’s preference is always to select a new plot to be purchased that has rainforest on it and is directly adjacent to the existing reserve.


However, Foundation Adopteer Regenwoud cannot escape the occasional need to purchase a plot where part of the plot has been deforested in the past. In the region where the foundation protects rainforest, forest plots are fragmented by small-scale agriculture and cattle ranching. Thus, there may be a strip of grassland between the current reserve and a new piece of rainforest to be purchased. To ensure that the reserve remains a continuous forest, the foundation is planting a mix of tree species there. This will create a young forest in a period of 5 to 10 years where animals will dare to cross again.

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