Summer party full of positivity – Adopt Rainforest celebrates 12 years of success

Summer party full of positivity – Adopt Rainforest celebrates 12 years of success

Adopt Rainforest is celebrating its 12th anniversary. A good reason to reflect on all the milestones during the summer party we celebrated with dedicated volunteers and stakeholders on Wednesday, August 30, 2023. The gathering took place in the beautiful ambiance of Landhuis in de Stad in Utrecht, where we took the opportunity to look back at our milestones, share recent achievements and present our newest collaboration. “What a wonderful evening, the room is full of positive energy!”, said one of the attendees. An impression of a grand evening.

Successes in the spotlight

During the summer party, donors, ambassadors, partners, former interns and volunteers came together for an inspiring evening. With great pleasure and enthusiasm, chairman Martin Havik and founder Matthijs Bol presented the latest news from the rainforest in Costa Rica. There have been many recent successes with unique and endangered species in the reserve. On several of our stair cameras we see more and more new inhabitants of the rainforest passing by. We will also share messages about this on our social media channels in the coming period. The cooperation with the local population and the reforestation project with no fewer than 27,800 trees planted were also discussed in detail.

New pioneering project

During this special evening, we announced our new collaboration with Utrecht University. Together we will initiate a large-scale scientific research project with the aim of analyzing and understanding the development of rainforest under different historical land uses. Director and Ecologist Edwin Pos of the Botanical Gardens Utrecht came to tell a bit more about this. This long-term commitment will allow us to explore the rainforest in even greater depth and accurately map its flora in the coming years. Because the better we understand the rainforest, the better we can protect it and restore it where necessary.

Future ambitions

A concrete goal for next year is the purchase of 50 acres of land adjacent to the current reserve. This purchase will provide a crucial link between the Adopt Rainforest Foundation reserve and the adjacent Barbilla National Park. This expansion will significantly enrich the biodiversity in our reserve, providing an important corridor for native plants and animals of Costa Rica.

Thank you

On behalf of the Adopt Rainforest Foundation, we would like to thank everyone for this great evening. But also everyone who could not be there this evening but is still involved. Because everyone in their own way plays an important role in the success of this beautiful foundation.

See the pictures

There are beautiful pictures of the summer party made by Studio Grøn, which you can view below.

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