Together we protect the rainforest in Costa Rica

and with it the tropical roots of many plant species.

Thanks for saving a piece of rainforest!

With your order you have protected a piece of rainforest.

Together with our partner Adopt Rainforest in the Netherlands, we are committed to the protection and preservation of the rainforest in Costa Rica.

At the same time, we ensure a healthier living environment and create jobs. To do this, we adopt an area of rainforest every year with each confirmed order of our customers. Every m² adopted falls under the Costa Rican Forest Nature Conservation Act and permanently protects these areas from being converted into agricultural land. At the same time this contribution helps to protect this unique flora and fauna, plant trees and supports the return of endangered species. Biodiversity, the richness of nature is perhaps the most important asset of our planet. Plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms purify water and air, serve as food and medicine, and provide fertile soil and a pleasant climate.

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About the Adopt Rainforest Foundation

As a stable and professional non-profit organisation, Adopt Rainforest provides a positive counterpoint to deforestation and biodiversity decline in the tropics. Since its founding in 2011, its goal has been to protect and, where necessary, restore 2,000 hectares of lowland rainforest in Costa Rica. Large enough for the endangered jaguar to survive there and important because of its high biodiversity and strategic location.

In addition, the foundation contributes to global tropical rainforest and biodiversity conservation. Not only because of its protection but also with the long-term biodiversity research in the reserve. The more knowledge we gain about the rainforest, the better we can protect it and share this knowledge. We do all this together with the local people who play a vital role in the success of this foundation.

More about the adopt rainforest foundation

Part of the Adopt Rainforest Reserve

Great that a piece of rainforest is being adopted thanks to you!

Your adopted piece of rainforest in Costa Rica is managed and protected by the Adopt Rainforest Foundation. Its mission, together with all its donors and partners, is to protect a total of 2,000 hectares of rainforest. This area serves as an important bufferzone to the nearby Barbilla National Park and the Cabécar Indigenous Reserve. Costa Rica’s rainforest is one of the most beautiful, special and biodiverse places on earth: essential to preserve for current and future generations. The pressure on the rainforest is well felt in this region. From the inhabited world, deforestation is pushing further and further towards the National Park and Indigenous Reserve. Adopt Rainforest aims to ensure that both the National Park and the Indigenous Reserve remain untouched. So that endangered animals, such as the Jaguar, can continue to exist here carefree.

What’s living around your patch of rainforest?

Since 2017, an ongoing biodiversity survey has been running with the help of Dutch students. Together we are making an inventory of everything that lives in the reserve. It’s incredible how many animal species we’ve observed so far. Take the number of amphibians as an example. So far 37 different species have been observed just in our reserve, while the whole of the Netherlands has a total of 16 species of amphibians. This research has only been going on for a couple of years, so who knows what else we will encounter. Here is a list of the number of different species per animal group that we have observed in the reserve in recent years:

41 mammals | 324 birds | 303 butterflies
68 reptiles | 37 amphibians |36 fish
86 dragonflies

The location

Your piece of rainforest is in the Adopt Rainforest reserve and is located in eastern Costa Rica. It is typical lowland rainforest with high humidity and enormous biodiversity of plants and animals. The lowest point is about 50 meters above sea level and from the highest point you look out over the Caribbean Sea at 250 meters above sea level.  The reserve is located in the ecological corridor connecting North and South America (the Mesoamerican wildlife corridor), which isan important area for animals to migrate freely. It is part of “Reserva de Biosfera La Amistad” which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Coordinates: 10°00’24.6″N 83°21’19.9″W

Visit your piece of rainforest in Costa Rica

Dive for 2 minutes into your piece of rainforest and admire all the beautiful animals that live in it:

Our main goal is to protect 2.000 hectares of rainforest.

Started with 3 hectares Goal: 2000 hectares
274 hectares of rainforest protected!