Young Masked Tree Frogs spotted in our rainforest

Young Masked Tree Frogs spotted in our rainforest

While working in our rainforest in Costa Rica we came across young Masked Tree Frogs. This is a great step towards biodiversity. By a small donation, we at Adopt Rainforest will make sure the forest is protected!

Reforestation and biodiversity

In places where it was first unthinkable that life would ever come, we find all kinds of things. Because of the fact that we came across a few Young Masked Tree Frogs we know that these treefrogs are busy reproducing. The ground has been transformed from a meadow with grass to a real forest ground with dead leaves and coolness. Also, in some places, the trees are taking on some huge shapes. These are sprouting spontaneously, like this wild cashew. The importance of biodiversity is that everything on earth keeps each other in balance. All organisms on earth are connected to each other, regardless of the ecosystem they live in. That is why it is so important that we are busy reforesting in Costa Rica. This is how we bring nature back into balance.

What do we do?

When we receive a donation from you, we guarantee your purchase and protection of one square meter of rainforest! We also make sure that your piece of land is immediately brought under the forest law of Costa Rica. By doing this, logging or thinning becomes punishable. We have a local presence in Costa Rica to guarantee protection and have also started up a research center there. Together with our Costa Rican rangers, we ensure involvement and awareness among the local population.

What can you do?

With a small donation of €2.50 you have already adopted a piece of the rainforest. By filling in the form and then filling in your payment method you will immediately receive an e-mail with the electronic certificate. It contains your name and the number of adopted square meters. The progress of reforestation and restoration of biodiversity that is already evident is great. But we are not there yet! Will you help us by making a small donation so that together we can get our rainforest back?