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Give rainforest as a Christmas gift

A gift to someone else and for the planet: a greener future. Give a piece of rainforest as eco friendly Christmas gift, just € 2.50 for 1m².

€2,50 per 1 m²

How it works

Do you want to give an eco-friendly Christmas present with impact? Give a piece of rainforest and protect it! In the form below you can choose how many square meters you want to give. The lucky receiver will get a digital certificate with her or his name, the date of adoption and a personal note of the sender. For as little as €2,50, the Adopt Rainforest foundation can protect this piece of rainforest for years to come.

What are you giving:

First of all, you’re gifting the rainforest in Costa Rica protection. By doing so, you are helping to protect a beautiful ecosystem in the rain forests of Costa Rica. With your contribution, we secure habitat for the jaguar and many other species.

The recipient of the gift will get:

  • A personalized digital certificate
  • A personalized message from the sender
  • Access to the reserve in Costa Rica (exclusively for contributors and partners)

Perfect gift for employees or business relations

Besides being a fun and eco-friendly Christmas gift for friends or family, it is also a perfect gift for your employees or business relations.

For every € 2.50 we can purchase 1 m² of rainforest in Costa Rica and guarantee years of protection.

With this you show immediately that your organization is concerned with their social role in society, something we should all think about. Through this original, sustainable gift, you send out the right signal. Besides being fun to receive, of course!

Would you like to donate rainforest to several people like employees or partners. Take a look at our promotional gifts page. Here you can approach us to pass on several people at once.

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  • The recipient of the present

    Fill the recipient's data in so that we can send the digital certificate. This certificate will be sent immediately after payment. You can add a little message which will be send in our e-mail to the lucky recipient. If you want to give the present yourself at a later time then use your own e-mail address

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