Adopt Rainforest starts crowdfunding campaign for local workers!

Adopt Rainforest starts crowdfunding campaign for local workers!

Everyday life has come to a standstill all over the world. Nature conservation projects have also come to a halt. With major consequences for people and nature. More than 200,000 people in Costa Rica depend on ecotourism. Unfortunately, thousands of people have been made redundant since the borders were closed. Our local forces on the Work with Nature research project unfortunately have no safety net comparable to the Netherlands. That is why we desperately need your help.

The research project in our reserve is normally completely self-sufficient financially. Income is generated by the paying visitors to our project. This income is used to finance our loyal local forces. Now that the corona crisis has caused this income to disappear, both the jobs of our employees and the Work with Nature reserve are under temporary pressure.

One big family

A total of 6 families in San Miguel are living off the research project. With the help of your donations we can help to bridge the corona crisis for these people.

Despite the fact that there are no students at the moment, the research continues. This is very important to ensure the continuity of the research. We desperately need the help of the local workers for this. It is also important that we remain present in the reserve in order to guarantee the protection of the rainforest and to prevent hunting and illegal logging.

With your support, we can continue to support the local population and help them keep their jobs, we can continue the research project and we can guarantee the protection of the rainforest. That is why we ask you to make a contribution in the form of a donation. A total of €11,000 is needed to continue the project for 6 months. In our opinion, this is a realistic expectation before the project is again well occupied with paying visitors.

Donate here (in Dutch):

We would like to introduce our local strengths to you:

Wladimir (Tapa):
Our qualified nature guide who visits the reserve daily with our students. Tapa has the special gift of seeing everything that goes on around him. In addition, he is a jack-of-all-trades for maintenance and construction work. He speaks good English and is very good with all students. With his first aid knowledge and his always smiling face, he is indispensable for the project.

Maria and Marita:
Mother and daughter who cook for everyone during the week and keep things clean. Every day the students are welcomed with a friendly smile and the most delicious Costa Rican dishes are waiting for them with products from the market and from their own garden.

Dennis and Gian Carlos (Timon and Pumba):
Our diligent forest workers. They carried out the reforestation project[1] together with the students and still maintain the planted trees on a weekly basis. If paths need to be made or maintained, these two men are always there for us with their machetes. The average Dutchman would give up after an hour at the most, while these men are just getting warmed up.

In the weekends Lydia cooks. She, too, understands Costa Rican cooking like no other. The most delicious casados and gallo pinto’s are prepared by her.

Alex keeps things safe in the evening and at night. From 18:00 to 08:00 he is the guard of the research centre. Alex is a very welcome man in the village and therefore knows almost everyone.

Would you like to help us keep these wonderful people in their jobs and continue the research project? Then donate now (in Dutch)

Thank you in advance for your special contribution on behalf of Work with Nature Foundation.