m2 rainforest protected.
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Adopt Rainforest

With each donation of € 2,50, we can buy 1 m2 of rainforest in Costa Rica in order to guarantee it’s protection for years to go.

Adopt Rainforest is an initiative
of the Work With Nature foundation.
Purchase and protection of 3.3 hectares of rainforest.
Purchase and protection of 93 hectares of rainforest.
Finalise building of our own durable research Centre.
Expansion of the protected rainforest to 2000 hectares.

How nice that you want to
protect the rainforest with us!

This summarises what we stand for:

  • Lengthy protection of tropical rainforest
  • Improved living circumstances for the local inhabitants
  • Creating awareness with local inhabitants and international visitors
  • Demonstrate the real value of the rainforest by means of scientific research.

Adopt your own piece of rainforest!

As token of our appreciation, we will send you an electronic certificate within a week, which includes your name and the amount of square meters that you are helping to protect.

Let your rainforest keep on growing by adopting periodically! If you do so, you can choose one of many great gifts!

Our partners

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More about us

The Work with Nature foundation, in cooperation with international universities, starts a continues researchproject in the protected rainforest.

As reinforcement of these activities, the foundation always looks for international volunteers to assist with the ongoing volunteerproject which will be started shortly. As a result jobs will become available for the local inhabitants.

The alternative: To not protect the rainforest unfortunately means that it will disappear completely within 10 years from now, due to woodlogging and or oilpalm- or bananafarms. If you want to know how your donation will be used? Click here. If you want to have more detailed information and background stories, please look at: